The Lom River is a typical karst region, rich of various shapes and formations such as canyons, precipices, and caves, the largest of which is the Orlova chuka cave...

Orlova Chuka cave is situated near to Pepelina the smallest and the most beautiful village in the region. The cave is one of the most famous destinations around, but you already know this ;-) Orlova Chuka (it means Eagles Rock) is less than 2km from Pepelina and if you decide to have a walk, you fill find amazing views and ultimate nature.

The cave was discovered in 1941, by a local herd. While taking noon rest, he mentioned that his animals were gathering near to a hole in the rocks. It appeared that cold air is going out. Removing a few stones and the first entrance was found. Since then the cave has been constantly researched. Now the length of the revealed passages in the cave is more than 13400m – this makes it the third-largest in Bulgaria. In 1960-s electric lights were installed and a tour was arranged. The main part of it is flat with firm flor mostly dry. The air temperature constant - 14 Сº. This makes the cave suitable for tourism even for kids.

Orlova Chuka has been formed by different geological processes for thousands of years. Nowadays in the cave could be seen all typical cave structures – stalactites descending from above, stalagmites – emerging from the floor. When gathering together they form stalagtones – columns with different sizes. Other speleological formations are the draperies – stone curtains. All these structures are formed by the precipitation of limestone – it takes about 80-90 years to appear 1cm.

Some of the most popular formations are known as: The big vestibule, The big stalacton – 3.5m high, The ten stone warriors, The waterfall, The leafless forest, The family, The dinosaur, The hive, The Pyramid and many others.

In Orlova Chuka, constantly are living 14 different spices of bats. Some of them are unique for Europe. About of 10000 bats are nesting in the cave ant all them are trying to avoid meeting humans. Their main diet includes insects. That’s why they sleep during the winter, when there is no food. In order to guarantee tranquility, the cave is closed for tours form first of November till first of April.

Orlova Chuka cave could be visited every day from 01st of April till 31st of October Starting at 10 AM to 5 PM. Groups with a Guide enter every even hour.