Pepelina is a village situated in the Central North region in Bulgaria. It is a part of Ruse district  - municipality Dve Mogili.

The village is 235km away from the capital Sofia, 42km from Ruse and 83km from Veliko Tarnovo. GPS coordinates 43.583N and 25.933E. It is between 100 and 199 meters above sea level and a little more than 20 It is built along the astonishing canyon of the Cherni Lom river.

The population of Pepelina counts 11 official residents, but actually in the village live permanently 15 people. This makes the village smallest in Ruse district. During the summer, many families move to Pepelina maintaining small gardens with organic fruits and vegetables

Some of the nearby villages are Shirokovo, Ostrictsa, Chilnov, Baniska, Katselovo, Tabachka, Koshov, Cherven and the town of Dve Mogili.

Next to the village, could be found Orlova Chuka cave - the third longest cave in Bulgaria. Nearby a situated The monastery of Saint Marina, Medieval fortress of Cherven, Ivanovo rocky churches, Basarbovo rock monastery, Biala town, and the archeological complex Nicopolis ad Istrum. In the municipality center - Dve mogili is situated the museum house of the famous Bulgarian revolutioner Philip Totiu.

The unreachable rocky verticals of the Rusenski Lome canyon are home for many animals, bats and birds some of which are under the special protection of the law. The river is home for many kinds of fish and suitable for bait, lure and even fly-fishing.